Who are we ?

La parenthèse enchantée is a small family cooperative and in love. Nicolas draws and Delphine tinkers and creates. Together, they concoct illustrated jewels and small colored papers since 2008. They are installed in a small hamlet of Creuse perched on the top of a valley, among cows and trees. They raise three children, two funny cats and some blue tits.


After practicing, in turn, the cultivation of tits, rising sunscreen, insomniac, home cow farmer, triangle player (in a punk band), pedagogical publisher, robin conductor, employee of the month , artichoke trafficker, inventor of useless dreams, cat trainer, lighthouse keeper, yogurt tester, bandit of small paths, he settled in a small village perched on the Creuse, with a wife, children, learned fleas and luggage to engage in the ethology of robin, running and illustration.

The illustration, he discovered a little by chance and a lot for love, a few years ago. Today, he has nearly 80 books for children to his credit and full full of drawings that feed La Parenthèse enchantée. You can follow his work on his Facebook page or Instagram.

Nicolas et Petit Renard


From her literary training, she kept the taste of the stories she loves to tell through the jewels she creates, assembling illustrations and charms to make dialogue fairies and birds. On the other hand, we do not know if it is the Parisian life and its thousand shops or the life in the countryside and its collection of pebbles which gave him the taste to seek and to find pearls and charms. Craftsman of art, an improbable vocation, born from the drawings of Nicolas but which represents the perfect association of the spirit and the hand.

Why La Parenthèse enchantée ?

After having followed a well-defined path, it is at the birth of their third child (after many sleepless nights and two jobs) that Delphine and Nicolas realize that they have escaped this little grain of fantasy, which brought them together and that they try to pass on to their children. La Parenthèse enchantée, so first of all it's the crazy and magical mix of a parental leave, weekend house workshop and a self-catering room in Creuse. What was a way to take time for yourself, to take the time simply became a great creative project and thanks to you a flourishing cooperative: La Parenthèse enchantée successfully offers you its illustrated creations since 2008.

La Parenthèse enchantée