1. My order has been shipped but I still have not received it, what to do?

If you have not received your order within a few days (see GTC, "Delivery Times and mail lost"), you can contact us with your order number by email: contact@la-parenthese-enchantee.fr or 05 55 89 66 31 between 9 am and 12 pm and between 3 pm and 6 pm

2. The shipping time of the item I want is 1 to 5 days and I'm in a hurry, what to do?

Each piece is handmade, most often on demand. The delivery time can vary between 1 and 5 working days, depending on the product and the influx of orders. However, most orders are shipped within 2 days. If you want to offer our creations on a specific date, please let us know, we will do our best to meet your expectations.

3. I have a problem or question about my order and would like to contact La Parenthèse enchantée?

The easiest way is to leave us a message on the page of your order. If you prefer to contact us by e-mail or via Facebook messaging, remember to call back the order number.

4. Which service is used for order delivery?

We use the services of La Poste for the shipping of orders. For all the details concerning the rates and the deadlines, thank you to refer to the GSC or the page Delivery.

5. I am in a hurry and want another way of delivery, what to do?

We must contact us before placing an order to consider another delivery method.

6. My order was damaged during transportation, what can I do?

We must contact us by mail (contact@la-parenthese-enchantee.fr) with a photo of the damaged product and by reminding the number of your order. We will replace or repair the item.

7. Is there any nickel in the jewelry of La Parenthèse enchantée?

No. In accordance with French law, our jewelry is made without nickel and lead.
There is therefore no risk of allergic reaction caused by these metals.

8. How should I care for my jewelry?

Like any quality costume jewelery, you can keep our creations for a long time, keeping them away from light and moisture. Our creations are especially afraid of the water that damages them. For more details, see Products and Tips.

9. I lost an earring, what to do?

Do not hesitate to send us a photo at contact@la-parenthese-enchantee.fr. If it's possible, we'll refer you a matching loop at half-price.

10. I bought a watch and can not open / start it?

Bag watches have a small plastic stopper, remember to remove it before starting the watch. The watch necklaces start (as if to open them) by pressing the pusher several times. For more details, see Products and tips.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any other problem.

11. How to change the battery of watches?

There is a small slot on the back edge of the watches. You can "decap" it with a cutter, paying attention to your fingers. There will be a small plastic part that protects the mechanism. You will then have access to the battery. The battery model is SR626SW.

12. Can I order a personalized jewel?

We can adapt all our patterns and images on all our supports.
However, we do not create a custom image and we do not insert any text in the images except for our customizable articles.

13. I just bought a poster and I want a dedication, how should I go about it?

You must leave a message with your order, specifying to whom the dedication must address. Nicolas will be happy to sign the poster, or even add a small drawing.

14. I received my order but there are missing items.

Remember to check on your order tracking that the shipment did not go in two separate packages: it happens that two envelopes parties the same day do not arrive at the same time. Otherwise, thank you to contact us: contact@la-parenthese-enchantee.fr.

15. I would like to offer a jewel to a young child, from what age can you wear your jewelry?

Our items, small and metal, are not at all suitable for children under 36 months. In general, our children's jewelery can be offered from 4 years old. We recommend especially for young people small click-clac bars, chokers and bracelets. We formally discourage rings if the child occasionally wears small items in the mouth.

16. I do not have pierced ears but I love your earrings, can you help me?

We have several models clips. If you do not find your happiness, we can adapt on request another of our reasons in one of these models. In addition, we can adapt a screw clip holder on all our models of creole and dangling silver earrings. For these requests, thank you to contact us before placing an order: contact@la-parenthese-enchantee.fr.

17. I really like your bars, but I'm left handed and the drawing is upside down. What to do ?

Just put us a little message when validating your order, and I will make your bar in the direction that suits you.

18. Can I have a bracelet or necklace adjusted to the size of my choice?

Yes of course, and it's totally free! Just indicate the total length you want with a message when validating your purchase. To estimate this length, it's very simple, use a string and measure it.
You have already received your jewel, but the size is not suitable? Just return it to us with the desired measure, and I will make the change for free.