Our products

Our jewelery is made from high-quality, lead-free, nickel-free, quality metal substrates and finishes, and glass cabochons from China. (Note that there is, to our knowledge, no French producer for this type of molded support.) Our beads are made of glass or crystal. For some jewelry, the illustration protection process is the application of an epoxy resin: these articles are therefore more resistant to water and lighter but produced in small quantities.

All illustrations used in our creations are original works of Nicolas Gouny and except the stationery published in France by the editions Correspondances, and transfers edited in France by Cocotte, they are all printed locally in Guéret at a digital printer professional on quality paper made in France. Our boxes and pocket mirrors are adorned with professionally printed vinyl stickers in Guéret.

The 2019 wall calendar is printed in Italy on 100% recycled Cyclus 300g paper.

All the jewels are made by hand from A to Z in our workshop of La Celle-Dunoise, most often to order, by Delphine.

Advices and tips

All our glass cabochon jewels do not resist water, remember to remove them even to wash your hands because you may lose the illustrated cabochon. In addition, to preserve the color of the metal of your jewelry, avoid if possible any contact with the water of metal finishes. Remove them when bathing, while exercising, before putting on cream or perfume, and before sleeping. Store your jewelry away from moisture and sun. Do not wash your jewelry with chemicals, just wipe with a soft cloth and a little talc.
Some models of earrings come with small plastic "stop" but not all. Feel free to claim, we will add them gracefully to your order whatever the model chosen.
The watches are delivered stopped. In principle, the battery is new and must be primed by operating the pusher. In the case of bag watches, you have to think about removing the little plastic protection. The jumper watches open only by pressing the push button, pulling on the cap damages them.
The jewels are in most cases delivered in an aesthetic and closed packaging or on an engraved cardboard. If you particularly want a "gift" packaging, please let us know.
If any of your favorite jewelry is damaged or you have lost an item, do not hesitate to contact us with a photo, we will do our best to give it a second life.